Fine Man.

                  Witnessing the humanity.

Thomas Kretschmann in the role of Captain Wilm Hosenfeld in Roman Polanski’s 2002 film “The Pianist” is my ideal of a fine man: magnanimous, compassionate, sympathetic, humane, professional, and handsome with beautiful kind eyes.

                      Two humans in one space.

I am not that gullible to believe that the actor himself is the same character he played in the movie. (“Yes, I know that it’s only a movie!”). However, his image and the performance which portrayed the real-life character of Captain Hosenfeld as precisely as possible still linger on in my mind.

                       The saving grace in the uniform.

The truth is that it’s hard to find a man like him in real life, at least the world I find myself in. Tragic. Sad but Real. Only the good are all taken or cast away by the charmers with captivating beauty. It’s all a dream. But then anyone can dream, right? The beauty of ingenuously wishful thinking – or is it yearning?.. –  loses its purity and delight when it is blatantly expressed in lecherous fashion. That’s what I call it platonic, all the more beautiful, pure, and safe… for me, that is. And I don’t feel bad for remaining unadulterated as one of the Vestal Virgins until such wishes are fulfilled.

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