In a Twilight Dream

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In the wee-hours of waking from a slumber which
left me bewitched and reluctant to slowly
return to Reality pervading me inch by inch,
My eyes saw them glowing in the twilight silently.

The faces – the faces! – those angelic faces
of the celestial choir of Cherubims and Seraphims
with the eyes of stars in the night sky, but alas!
those eyes, those starry eyes full of silent woes!

As the dawn’s breaking, and breaking ever rudely,
the faces with the fateful eyes becoming faint and fainter,
and the candlelight by the bedside flickering weakly,
My eyes saw the Lights of Life growing big and bigger.

That heartache puncturing my heart in every pieces,
filling the voids with perpetual pathos of longing
lingers in the remains of the days till my soul sees
the sorry faces to tell them I love you, and the love is never-ending.