The Ecstasy of the Pythia


from google

Body to soul, eye to intellect, light to truth;
The visions of the god hidden from mortals
Infused the pure soul of the Pythia in Corinth
And filled her spirit with violently vivid vigors.

“Go to Delphi at once, for you are chosen.”
So the Pythia traveled to the temple of Apollo
Against the perilous chasms latent in the terrain
All for the elevation of the excitement of her soul.

Entering the temple thru the Sacred Way,
The Pythia saw the inscriptions at the terrace:
“Know Thyself,” “Nothing in Excess,” the words
Of Apollo, god of music, of the Sun, and of Prophecy.

In her virginal garb that enveloped her purity,
The Pythia sat on a tripod alone with her god,
Entering her soul with brilliant rays of ecstasy,
And began to speak in divine madness of the god.

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