Afternoon at the Museum

from google

Herewith an ancient Grecian urn,
An ancient spirit of an unknown poet
Pines for the Divine Mania to inurn
The Great Four Madnesses as yet.

Against a Circle of Time ever more,
His pursuit of the Great Mania restless
And undead forever haunting thereafter
Circles an epicycle orb in orb timeless.

The Religious Madness from Dionysius – He knows no believing.
The Poetic Madness from the Muses – He looks to elsewhere.
The Madness of Love from Aphrodite – He experiences no feeling.
The Pythia’s Inspiration from Apollo – He turns to elsewhere.

Wherefore the poet runs after the Great Mania,
The delusion of Perfection still orbits the urn
In a room of Ancient Gallery of misty panorama
Of the incessant enthusiasm for the Great to yearn.