You Are What You Think.

“Impression. Sunrise” By Claude Monet

The Defeatist is

cheerless, thoughtless, faithless, witless, spiritless, colorless, scentless, lightless, mindless, senseless, hopeless, merciless, restless, aimless, deedless, fruitless, hapless, pitiless, pointless, shitless, sleepless, sightless, and endless of his anguish evermore.

The Idealist is

 bountiful, graceful, fanciful, hopeful, beautiful, grateful, truthful, wishful, insightful, thoughtful, colorful, careful, delightful, helpful, playful, joyful, useful, blissful, eventful, soulful, faithful, fruitful, meaningful, restful, merciful, and youthful in his being evermore.