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her epithet


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Nature paints her portrait in colors of contrarieties:

Quiet, Passionate, Ambitious, Acquiescent, Bold, Timid, Vivacious, Tenebrous, Temerarious, Solicitous, Pretty, Plain, Chaste, Covetous, Delicate, Wild, Conventional, Liberal, Fast in thoughts, Slow in words, Principled, Recalcitrant, Smart, Sophomoric, Young, Advanced, Equable, Volatile, Witty, Silly, Boring, Stimulating.

The colors changing, blending, creating in spades

Never dull her portrait of boundless varieties

Simulating and dissimulating in shades of her heart.


P.S.: I think to define a person’s character in black and white terms is unfair and erroneous in most of the times when you don’t know the person well enough to draw a picture of him or her. And I think it is from this immature understanding of a person that all kinds of personal conflict, ranging from racism to war, arise.