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The Lonely Heart

The Romp Pomp Bunter is a Little Kitten living on Kenmore Avenue
Whose natural curiosity becomes day by day Curiouser and Curiouser.
From the windows, he watches the World below and the Sky above
Day and night, till the Doves on the roof fly away higher and farther.

Left in the silence of loneliness that becomes the sound of sadness,
The Little Cat, friendless always, goes to a Fish called Hope, as always
In the vain hope of friendship, for he is also alone, or so it seems,
And knocks on the door of the aquarium and waves at him with his paws.

Alas, Poor Little Cat! I know him! Hope wants no friendship with the Cat! 
He hides in the pineapple castle in his watery kingdom, safe and sound
For his loneliness is submerged in water and dissolves into watery mote,
Leaving the Little Cat in the silence of friendlessness round and around.