Musing on Earth Day

Glass globe photographed in a moth forest

With the power of the mind put into practice for conserving nature, we can make the whole world a better place because we are part of nature, made of fire, water, earth, and air.

In our annual celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we want to spread the spirit of Mother Nature. We want all to find the beauty of life in music from the trills of birds in the rhythm of running brooks, words of wisdom in the susurrus of trees, and books in the vivid scarlet twilight of the sunset lingering in the west. The wonders of nature tame belligerent brutes and soften the hardened hearts of cynics.

One-touch of nature makes the whole world kin. In the arms of Mother Nature, we are all her children, so keeping the earth clean and livable is our filial duty to her.


The golden curtain is drawn
After Helios’s chariot is gone;
The pale hues of passion shine
In the sweet soft twilight;
The Hesperides open heaven
with the golden apples bright;
Selena rides in the moon chariot
Hecate waits at the crossroads;
I search for my star spirited away
into the world of gods till dusk to dawn.