About Me: Why I Blog.


Dear Readers,

Hi there. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It’s always pleasure communicating with people through writing, which I believe is the most authentic vehicle of expression of a self. Not that did I major in English at Rutgers University (a Scarlet Knight) with a sense of duty to exercise the field of study but that I like reading and writing prompted me to publish my thinkings in this blog. So Welcome All with my Whole Heart.

My name is Stephanie, living in a suburban New Jersey town in the vicinity of the New York City. I work in the City for livelihood and write at home (or sometimes on the Second Floor in a Dunkin’ Donuts’ shop nearby my workplace) for selfhood. The great psychologist and thinker Viktor E. Frankl, who is also the founder of Logotheraphy has urged us that we humans must strive for realizing our values that are: Creative Value, Experiential Value, and Attitudinal Value in order to arrive at meanings of our lives. How true the maxim it is! I believe those who write are united spiritually in fulfilling such noble deeds. We are kindred spirits.

I may not write perfect English prose due to English being my Second – surrogate, that is – language. I may not sound ordinary in the sense that my writing speaks with certain streaks of foreignness. Nevertheless, it is my quest for actualizing what I possess inside, Something that is yearned for its being unearthed by means of literary expression. And I have to purge it out, unravel the mystery in me that is dying for the discovery of the truth in me.

Hence this little blog has come into being; it is the birth of my brain child, or rather the manifested ego qua meaningfulness as in terms of Logotheraphy. So many thanks again for your readership, which is also meaningful to me.

Merry Christmas and God Bless Your Hearts.

All the Best,

Stephanie S.