Shepherdess with her Sheep Jean Francios Millet

A myriad of thoughts stifled by
a hundred of words with no sequence
shall be given free reins to express
without hindrance of the poor locution.

Daily diligence, firm perseverance, and strict discipline
may save me from the darkness of inexpressible soul.

To that end, keeping a tight rein on the foregoing principles
is my principal guide to the Paradise of Words.



Can’t write any good any longer, any more,
after all these years of ignorance of the words,
intended for freedom from the old self with the rugged mask.

But today she calls to reclaim her will to acquire the power of the words
once more, if possible, to unchain her arrested mind of

Cognition, Imagination, Passion,
long forgotten by the delusion of her reflection in the mirror.

So she shall do. It’s now, and it will be now, here, with her, by her.
For it is hers, and shall be hers forever.

Till the Tide comes in


My will glory in preservation.
My mind will take heed of any good suggestions
That are wise, thoughtful, honest, and sensible.
My sufferings will be granted compensations,
A reward, which will be priceless and noble.
My hopes are high, my yearnings are strong
while I breathe in my earthly life,
Paved with many a trajectory,
sailed on many an uncharted ocean.
Dum Spiro Spera.