the unquiet mind

The mind is its own place,
And it is its own domain,
Where it can make a celestial palace
out of hellish dungeon,
and vice versa.

Or so it says, or so it believes.
But what about a void filled with
howling of a soul lost in darkness
not knowing where to find the light
to figure out whereabouts of the soul?

Alas, the mind is at a loss,
a loss that cannot even know
where the mind can be at ease,
that seems to be in labyrinth fraught
with pebbles on the ground and webs
in the sight that I must huddle thru
to reach the meaning of my life.
There my mind can be at rest at last.

A Word and A Letter


A Word

A word doesn’t come easy
When it does not mean any,
Some say.

I say it only
Comes easy to mean what I say


A Letter to God

In an envelope labeled:
I addressed God a letter.

In the envelope received:
God has moved somewhere.

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Dum Spiro Spero: What hope is

Time to awake

Time to arise

Time to live

Time to love


Take your heart at your aims,

Take your spirit high above;

Don’t forsake your hopes,

Don’t forget what you have.


Therefore, I say thus:


Let nothing despair you,

Let nothing disparage you,

For there is hope while you breathe,

For without hope you can’t live.