Today, whatever the Fates weave
Shall still be worn with beauty by me;
Today then don’t let you be told,
How many chapters of life are turned;
That you are old, and so I am indeed;
Nor think dreams have waned with tears,
And talk of the youth wasted with sighs.
Tomorrow will always be tomorrow
And nothing will change, even sorrow.
But a thought from reason brings the truth
An everlasting and brilliant truth,
Which can, in spite of all smirks,
Open your eyes and my ears
To the evening star twinkling bright
With sweet soft winds fluting in the twilight,
Made of fire, spirit, and dew.

Birthday Poem

The feast of St Thomas Aquinas

Banqueted in the celestial garden

By the Lethe, across the bridges

Between the earth and heaven –

There, Water-bearer of gods

Whose beauty enslaved the prince

To the passion of supreme desires

Served the guests from the universe –

Gods, goddesses, saints, angels, –

Escaped to his fancy of wishes

To return to the world, his Troy

That existed no more in this world

And spilled the stream of stars

From the jar that lusciously cascaded

Into the earth as radiant meteors

Becoming Mystery Aquarius Children.