Melody of Sea


She sent a message in a bottle into the sea
And watched the waves move it away
Into the horizon, beneath the visiting Sun,
The sight she could not bear without passion.

She spoke a song into the ether
And saw it fall into the water,
deeper into the vale of abyss
as she was panting with longings.

Then, long afterward, in quicksands
on shore washed up by the memories,
She found the bottle with two messages
sealed with a lover’s song in his words.

The Shadow

All’s over, it’s all over – and then?
Does truth sound bitter and brutal
as you wish not to believe it again?
Look, it’s Shadow, ever centrifugal
In his whimsical silence I see thru
The lover once clutched to you alone.
In midday’s light, his fidelity is shown thru;
In darkness of sunset, he leaves you all alone!
Will you believe it’s all over then?

She lived in a Glass Palace


She lived in a glass palace
by the uncharted sea of the Nereides
riding on the shinning crest of sea waves
in breezy dalliance with gods of winds.

A Lady was shining in Auburn luster
Graceful as a queen, bright as a star –
whom there were none to adore
And none to fall for evermore:

Among the alacrity and levity
of the the paramours and their Nereides,
She lived in anonymity, in virgin liberty
Hidden from the unwanted eyes.

A Spirit and a Woman with a countenance
of sweetness laced with strangeness,
She lived incognito, and none could know
Till her Two Crows named Thought and Memory
told him so.

When I’m Gone Away


Think of me when I’m gone away,
Far away to the Elysian Fields,
When you can no more touch my hands
Nor do I return to stay.

Think of me when no more
You see the wells of my eyes,
and tell me of the diamond dews
Nor do I return to smile dear:

But if you can no more think of me,
do not remorse my dear,
for if torrid words and remote promises
left a cloud of darkness
in your memory of me,
You must forget me
rather than think of me
in sympathy of me.

Isn’t it madness to deny to forget
when there’s nothing forever?