Alone Again

Don’t know why
I’ve been thinking of you all day
I’ve been pretending; it’s all I can do
My heart isn’t making it thru to your heart

I never cared till I saw you alone
‘Cause I could get by on my own
But the secret is my own for ever
My heart for you is unknown evermore

But you’ve been gone, gone forever
Never letting it show nevermore
Leaving me in the sound of silence
That grows loud and louder in tears

Optical Illusion

Claude Monet, The Cliff at Fecamp 1881

The Optical Reflection of Matters – as my eyes have seen,
The Mechanical building of Reality – as my mind has done,
The Physical Existence of the World – as my body has lived;
That it’s not real but virtual by a concoction of Optical Illusion
Thwarts every thread of truth against Truth, the Reality of Things
Spelling a concatenation of Physical Existence in their Pristine Essences
Because what I have seen and see is not what it has been and it is
As the trickery of eyes knows not its shenanigans that becomes
Bold and bolder ever till Light of Intellect dawns on me with rains
Of benevolence on the parched earth of my Ignorance with Truth.