Prompt 4

What is the last thing you learned?

When good things happen to me, I should not speak about it but lock it in my heart’s cabinet because otherwise, luck will soon be frustrated by jinx. Silly or superstitious as it may sound, but that is my empirical fact of life. I can write about good things happening to me but not manifest them in spoken words. For instance, if I say one of my co-workers at a workplace is pleasant, then all of sudden, the next day, that person’s attitude toward me betrays my trust in humanity beyond foreseeable and unforeseeable reason. Methinks there are evil spirits who swore a generational curse on my well-being because of unknown umbrage at my ancestors in the foregone times. So I have to keep good news or fortunate events sealed until such things actually bring me good results with long favorable effects that stay with me for a long time. This truth is the truth to the end of reckoning.