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Fairy gold


A little green man with a beard was hiding

A pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow

Not knowing that a man was approaching

From behind the oak tree with his face aglow

with the sign of fortune wheeled in his favor.

“Gotcha! You mischievous Leprechaun!”

The triumphant man held the fairy in terror

And stole the pot of gold coins and ran.

But the little green sprite had the last laugh

For when the man arrived at his hut,

The treasure turned into bread dough

And the man fell aback into an old rut.


Author’s Note: It’s sad that St. Patrick’s Day parades have been canceled all over the world due to the outbreak of the insidious Corona virus pandemic. Although I am not Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite feast day when I feel truly festive and jovial for reasons unknown. The Irish, I think, know how to have fun in a way that embraces and welcomes all with warmth and friendliness wherever they are based on my personal experience. So, I am celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with this little poem, wearing a green shirt. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


about a wodewose


Wild, wondrous, curious, alone

There sits a wodewose wistful

Like a dejected lovelorn faun

Mocked, pocked, painful, woeful

pining for the music that lovers

play like two birds that tweet.

Alas, even love looks with the eyes

Not with the heart and the mind

Wrapt in his woolly hide.

Author’s Note: I came upon this very interesting medieval fantastic creature called “wodewose” yesterday on Twitter. A wodewose is defined as ‘a wild man of the woods whose predator is interestingly Alexander the Great. He is often depicted in various medieval paintings as a woolly man trying to woo a beautiful woman to no avail, even with a fatal consequence because he is seen jabbed, clubbed, or axed by a knight on the stead. So, I take pity on this unfortunately lonely creature whose appearance barred him from falling in love. You may say I am a champion of underdogs. Then, so be it. I think sometimes, there’s a lot to think about and talk about losers.