my poem

I can’t see where Life is heading for now alone
With her head wondering in the sky clouded
Far and away from her once beloved Home,
A glass castle of Beauty forever vanished.

I want to know… Does she know she is lost,
Deluded by the wrong hands of Destiny,
Leading her to the Paths of Disappointment
To see her shedding veils of tears in Eternity?

Till the Tide comes in


My will glory in preservation.
My mind will take heed of any good suggestions
That are wise, thoughtful, honest, and sensible.
My sufferings will be granted compensations,
A reward, which will be priceless and noble.
My hopes are high, my yearnings are strong
while I breathe in my earthly life,
Paved with many a trajectory,
sailed on many an uncharted ocean.
Dum Spiro Spera.