Rose that smells as sweet

1918-yardleyChristian Dior, the father of modern women’s fashion, said of a perfume thus: “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ” How rightly so. A scent is stronger than a sight because it not only creates a certain mystery of ambience but also unlocks a cascade of memory. Hence is my approbation of a certain perfume I have begun to like.

This is my first time to wear this historically famed English brand Yardley perfume, and I am already hooked on its enchanting fragrance of English Rose. It is a delightful conflation of rose petals on the top lightly sprinkled with drops of magnolia and violet enveloped in a hint of woody notes as a base. The result is a light, crispy pleasure of convivial sensuality and playful innocence that will make you feel just like it. This perfume is not a tawdry perfume as some of us might suspect just because perfumes are obtainable from Amazon, not department stores or Sephora.

The fragrance is ageless and the effect effortless. This perfume will make you feel prettier all day long with sweet smell and flit in rose garden of your cerebral lobe. Which also brings me to conjure up by sheer dint of the essence of rose the following quotation from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare: “That which we call rose by any other names will smell as sweet.” This one is called English Rose, and it smells just as sweet.