The Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds by Andrew De Prisco

Title: The Mini-Atlas of Dog BreedsTitle: The Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds by Andrew De Prisco

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This book has become one of my most treasured belongings. It encompasses not only the information on each different breed of dogs in the world but also the origins and the historical backgrounds thereof with adorable photos. Also, this mini atlas of dogs has taught me about 10 groups of the canine, such as Sight Hounds, Mastiffs, Nordic Dogs, Guns Hounds, Flock Hounds, Herding Hounds, Toys, Terriers, Scent Hounds, and Pariahs. Although it was published in the 1990s, it will not prevent you from being acquainted with the world of the canine with the extensive provision of the knowledge on dog breeds, not to speak of the excellent writing style that is at once so elegant and amusing.