High towering ire beneath the mountains of tidal waves whirling,
Darkness howling, ascending to light moaning, descending,
Blackest somber fear turning into whitest hot hubris roaring,
The spirit in the fetters bursts upon the furious waters, revolting.

The souls of the dead rising from the abyss and walking,
Midnight, moonlight, and starlight upon the waters shining,
Heaven gaping then cracking, earth laying and embracing,
The spirit with the wings clipped begins to flutter and leap, rejoicing.

You Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt

You Learn by LivingYou Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is not a feminist manifesto as most women would like it to be. The subject matter is not exclusive to women only. Rather than polarizing the class/gender stratifications, Mrs. Roosevelt speaks to all of her readers who feel less about themselves based upon their falsely limited views on representations of the reality. She was a Mother Figure to all Americans inĀ  her time and still speaks to us through this book of the importance of human dignity and positive attitudinal values to appreciate what we already possess in us regardless of things that we cannot change beyond our control as by telling us “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Of all the towering glittering famous women, it’s the mind of Mrs. Roosevelt that scintillates with brilliance because of her compassion toward humanity combined with her intelligence, which has become a rarity in our time.

Magic and the Law of Attraction by Lisa Chamberlain

Magic and the Law of Attraction: A Witch's Guide to the Magic of Intention, Raising Your Frequency, and Building Your RealityMagic and the Law of Attraction: A Witch’s Guide to the Magic of Intention, Raising Your Frequency, and Building Your Reality by Lisa Chamberlain

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this book while searching for an effective read on constructing a new model of reality in which I can find my real hidden self and thrive thereon. It’s said that nothing happens by coincidence, so I like to believe that my finding this magical book is fateful. This book pinpoints out the dilemma you will find yourself in when your new positive mantra clashes with the real world and tells you how to overcome it with some simple magical methods. I have been using one of the simplest forms of the magic since I read this book whenever the hands of darkness are about to grip me. It makes a big difference when you actually act out your volition in voice and gesture. You should try it too.