Song About Her

A Young Woman Washing Dishes by Camille Pissaro

Her beauty is invisible to untamed view
As that of many maidens be;
Her charm he never knew
Until she smiled on him;
Then he found her diamond eyes,
A jewel of passion, a well of grace!

Alas! Her reply is shy and silent,
To him it is a cold recrimination;
But his secret passion is not misspent
For the secret passion in her bastion;

Her infelicities are even muliebral, more
Than the felicities of other maidens are.

Foolish Heart

Don’t know why
I’m thinking of you everyday,
When there’s got to be,
No chance for me
To make you love me.

Don’t know why
My eyes see you everyday,
And it doesn’t matter if you can’t see me,
If you don’t know how much I cry
‘Cause I see no other way.

I know it’s a waste of time
This fantasy of mine.
But if I turn away,
If I walk away,
You will be gone away.

If I can’t see you,
I don’t want anybody, no way.
If I lose you,
I don’t want anybody, nobody,
I don’t want anybody, baby…