aeolian whisper

Road in a beautiful forest in the morning

Into the Alpine Path

so winding, so unknown,

A breeze brings mirth

With aeolian melodies

In whispering pianissimo

thru the leaves of the trees

And transfixes the flows

Of time and beauty of youth

Wantoning freely in ecstasy

Sparkling like new hope.

The Song of the Romp Pomp Bunter

The Romp Pomp Bunter is a Curious Cat:
If you give him a toy, he would prefer a bottle cap,
If you offer him a play, he would rather sit by the window atop,
If you feed him a chicken pate, he wants a tuna fillet.

The Romp Pomp Bunter is a Green-Eyed Beast:
He wants you to be with him when you don’t,
He wants to eat what you eat when he shouldn’t,
He wants to play with you when you can’t.

The Romp Pomp Bunter is a Timid Kitten:
He would startle at the drop of a needle,
He would tremble at the sounds of rain,
He would tremor when birds flap the wings.  

Yes, the Romp Pomp Bunter is a Curious Cat,
And there’s no use in changing him anyway.
For he will do so as he does so, and that’s that,
And there’s nothing you can do about it!

Illusion of the Heart


The illusion comes in sweetness
cascading the fluffy softness
into the wilted hollow valleys
pathed with withered grasses
where her soul in tears roams.

The sudden felicity of warmth
Covers her hardened heart
With a ray of hope in mirth
Fluttering in the air like a ghost
Flitting in the flowery heath.

But the time is up and gone
And the sky becomes gray
And clouds the valleys anon,
Deserting her soul in misery,
In the cycle of betrayal alone, again.