Afternoon promenade.

IMG_3061Today was my day-off, so after I finished my regular workouts at the gym I decided to take a walk to enjoy the mild weather and to refresh my exhausted spirit… I think it did me good because I felt hopeful and uplifting. The foliage of the tress have become yellow and even red, creating a pensive and relaxing atmosphere so fit to autumn.

What I like about this picture is its mood; solitude, peacefulness, and a certain feeling of nostalgia… It reminds me of my high school days in Korea one of which I used to sit on a bench in the school ground during my afternoon break with friends and talk about some funny things about our teachers. How dearly I miss those memories…

IMG_3067Nature is a great therapeutic remedy when it comes to making our minds at ease and composing our emotions and feelings serenely. Sometimes we need to be alone, not in the sense of complete estrangement from social interactions but of reflecting the results from such social interactions in our daily lives to internalize what should benefit us the most to live a meaningful life.


The wonder of nature never ceases me when I look at how the leaves of the trees turn their hues according to each season. And the colors are very naturally beautiful to appreciate in the eyes of the beholders.

The afternoon promenade beginning with a certain blues in me ended with recollected thoughts on me, the life, and the world with brighter colors. As long as this world exists as I saw it this afternoon, then it is not that bad to live after all.


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