Blogging as a money fountain?


Do you know what the word “Blog” means? It is a synthetic word of the 21st century originally meaning “Web log,” with entries displayed chronologically in the format of personal diary/journal published on the Internet. An oxymoronic definition. Here I am divulging my inner self on my blog publicly, so that people all over the world will read my post – only if the entry heading is enticing enough to make them click on each page of my blog. But I blog, am blogging, and will blog irregardless of limited readership because my aim for blogging is not to generate profits but to exercise my writing workouts which is also  a magnificent self-psychosomatic therapy. Well, at least it works for me.

A good, easy to read guide book.

I have downloaded some e-books I think beneficial to developing my blog on my Kindle: The subjects are a variety of subjects, ranging from Psychology to Romance Novels. (Yes, I do think that a bit of titillating ingredients will do me good as a grown-up not stoical for physical/psychological equilibrium) And the first one I selected to finish reading was a short length e-book called How to Write Blog Posts by David Lim. It is a good guide book for a beginner like me who wants to write in public and to share the information, opinions, and thoughts with the audience who may find my blog intriguing and scintillating. And this book is perspicuously written in colloquial English, which is all the better. The author and I agree to the facts that (1) you should have your own “authentic” blogging voice; (2) you should diligently write your posts almost on a daily basis although you will not publish them immediately; and (3) the subject matters of your blog can be just about “anything”. Ditto, with my whole heart.


On the other hand, -just like every coin has two sides- I am still ambiguous about the idea of a blog as an income-generating source, which in fact has recently begun as a kind of new industry. According to Lim, there is a conspicuous relationship between the number of monthly page views a blog gets and the amount of money the blog owner gets. How can this be? Well, Lim expounds that advertising networks such as Google AdSense,,, BlogHer, etc. all cooperate with various advertisers who pay the network to place there ad on your website. Subsequently, you the blog owner could earn a cost per thousand views or a pay per click payment. Sounds easy and almost incredible? Are you also interested in it?

Keep Calm and Blog on
Keep Calm and Blog on

I know that making money is our naturally economical act of surviving and protecting ourselves from inhumane squalor and debasement of our human dignities resulting from deprivations of livelihood. However, I am not wholeheartedly subject to the trend in which so many bloggers in every corner of the world write for monetary purposes ONLY. Well, at least not for the moment. To me blogging is my way of communicating with the world out there, whether I have a fan base or not. As an introvert, this is a way of being ingenuous and convivial with the invisible readers however small number they may be of. And this is a way of marking myself in the world, transforming me into someone with her own history and stories to tell to the world.  I find blogging -or an act of writing- beneficial to finding an avenue to a meaning of my life. And who knows what this blog site will bring to me onward?… It’s all open to any possibilities.


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I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

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