Death of Chivalry.

Not any longer?

This sounds rather anachronistic. But I cannot help but think that a man should be attentive and courteous to a woman whether she is beautiful or not. Sounds discriminating in the era of politically correct gender equality? But does this societal change have to eradicate such civilized decorum and care for a human being?

Chivalry is considered as a thing of the past, especially of the medieval time, when gentlemen and knights showed their courtesy to ladies, attended to female desires with self-sacrifice if their own interests came in conflict with those of the fair sex. Pretty impressive and manly. I like it that way.

It is not some kind of grand gesture that I consider chivalry. It is a simple but considerate behavior/attitude demonstrated by men to show care for anyone in need. For instance, giving up his seat on the bus to a woman or elderly person standing, opening an entrance door in a store for a a person behind him, and/or helping a needful person in sight are what makes of this code of conduct.

Where have all they gone?

Maybe I am daydreaming or pathetically naive to believe that a chivalrous conduct resulted from such motive as aforesaid. Or maybe my sentimentality is of antiquity, and I am not progressive enough to defy all those male chauvinistic attitudes toward the members of my own sex. However, no matter how you will think about my favorable opinion on male chivalrous gestures toward the opposite sex or anyone who needs help in daily lives, my creed for the ideal masculinity in the form of gentlemanly attitude toward women of all kind will remain true-blue. And that is why I remain a maiden until I see such fine man of magnanimity.

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