Savory Word Searches by Dave Tuller

Savory Word SearchesSavory Word Searches by Dave Tuller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I first saw the cover of this book, I assumed that this book was full of words related to biscuits and crackers as shown thereon. No wonder the cover led me to prejudge the contents of the book, since this is a series of the puzzle books with food-associated adjectives and the matching pictures. (i.e., “Delicious”, “Gourmet”, “Scrumptious”, “Tasty”, and “Yummy”.) On the back cover the book, the author clearly expresses his reason for such tasty titles of the books as follows:

“If you’re hungry for some great puzzles, Savory Word Searches is sure to satisfy your appetite. “

What a brilliant idea of titling the puzzle books! I have so far liked this book much because (1) it is spiral bounded; (2) the covers are quite sturdy; and (3) the unused letters in each word search form a message in relation to the theme. I might buy another book from this series once I complete this puzzle book.

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