The Wishful Pegasus

courtesy of google. com

If I could only know where to begin
to turn over everything from within,
running through this wind of vortex,
with my hands clenched in coldness,

If I could only find where the Fates
live to demand my justice of the witches
who spun the Wheel of Shattered Dreams,
Silent Wishes, All in Epicycle, Orb in Orb, As Always,

With a great flapping of the wings of a new spirit,
I would fly away, far away, without limit.
With a light pair of eyes to see the reality,
I would fly higher, see farther for the beauty.

Published by

Stephanie Suh

I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

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