spiritual soldiers

The Battle of Alexander at Issus, 1529 by Albrecht Altdorfer

The passion I find a rebel

From the cell of Reason

With loud dander of Babel

Raising an army of sedition

To rule the royalty of the soul

In its allegiance to Impulse alone.  


The Reason I turn wakeful

From the chamber of Temperance

With swift reveille at evenfall

Raising an army of dominance

To guard the palace of the soul

In its sovereignty over Instincts withal. 


P.S.: It’s a self-evidentiary poem about a battle of Passion and Reason, Id v. Superego, or Pleasure v. Morality, the neverending conflicts of the dichotomy of the body and the mind that has invoked myriads of imaginations culminating in intellectual treaties and artistic opuses throughout the history of civilizations. The equanimity of the mind results from successful governance of instincts, the raw emotions that Reason must tame to transform them into ideas and thoughts. This sounds easier said than done, but it’s true. Sometimes, doing a simple thing is the hardest thing to do. 

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