wandering star


A puerile quest for a mirage, he rebukes

A pristine request of the heart, she decries

and begins a Ballard of a plain girl unknown;

Since her star in the Milky Way lost

its trail of Manifest Destiny shining the brightest,

the heiress bereft of her heavenly bequest

Without a speck of stardust has not been

As others were – she has not seen

As others saw – she has not known

As others knew- she still can not find

Where the tides of the ocean by wind

Arise, rush, roll, and reach with the surge

The silent silverly soil with the urge

When the lost high star finds her at last

And returns her overdue gifts of the best.

P.S. I feel intimately acquainted with Charlotte Bronte, her fictional alter ego Jane Eyre, and Janice Sessions, the plain girl created by Arthur Miller in their quiet deportment, delicate feminity, sentimental loneliness, and plaintive want of beauty. They are, in fact, my spiritual sisters in whom I can confide my inmost feelings, repressed emotions, and provocative thoughts guarded by my own conceptions against the acerbic opinions of the brutish, insensitive rabble. Nevertheless, the aforesaid sisters all had the breakthroughs that led them to fortune, luck, happiness however it might have lasted or whatever they might have been. I feel that I am kept away from anything wonderful or even remotely felicitous ever happening to me by some unseen forces of godly or evil beings. Alas, woe is to me! Shakespeare believed that our lives are governed by the stars above us and that there are tides in the affairs of man, which taken at the right time, they will lead man to fortune. What with such cold reception of my first published e-book and what with my regret of having published it at first, I wonder when I can meet my tides and sail away into the wide ocean to reach the land of my destiny.

Dear Reader: Hey, there! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my post. And if you express it by pressing the button into the bargain, my spirit will surely be uplifted from the rut of my so-called life. And if you are further intrigued by my e-book recently published on Amazon Kindle and drop just a few lines of your thoughts about the story upon reading (but no words of derision or sarcasm), I will feel like a millionaire without the actual sort of money in my bank account. It’s only 57 pages in total, so the book won’t take much of your precious time. Just click on the below book cover with one touch of your fingertip, and it will lead you to the place where the story begins via wondrous witchcraft. Many thanks for reading with my whole heart! Best, Stephanie 

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Stephanie Suh

I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

4 thoughts on “wandering star”

  1. What a beautiful poem, Stephanie! I love the allusion to “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe, ”As others were – she has not seen,” – this verse captures the heroine’s uniqueness and alienation from the world around her.

    Similar to you, I have always identified with the melancholic Jane Eyre; she had to endure so many hardships before achieving happiness! I am sure you and I will be profoundly happy one day. 😉
    The creative path is not the easiest to take, and even the greatest writers face challenges with their literary debut. I am sure your excellent book will find its loyal readers soon. 🌹

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    1. Hi Veronica. Wow! Thank you for your heavenly compliment! And I am so glad that you are aware of my deliberate allusion to Poe’s alone poem! I love Poe because of his solitary nature wonderfully conflated with his brilliant intelligence. And what’s more, I am so happy to find a kindred spirit in a coterie of Jane Eyre 🥰 Charlotte Brontë was also very concerned about public response to her work when published. Her view to celebrity is also mine in a way we want to chime the bells of emotions shared by the kindred spirits. I am so delighted to know you🥰

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      1. It was a delight to find out that you like Poe, as well! As soon as I’ve started reading your lyrical masterpiece, I’ve heard a familiar music of my beloved verses, which made your poem even dearer to me! ✨

        Charlotte was a beautiful soul, and a courageous woman for sharing her works with the world. It takes immense strength to face the public reaction, and all of us, creative spirits, are doomed to fear judgement. Nevertheless, nothing compares to the joy of receiving a positive review – it’s worth all the risk!☺️

        I am happy beyond words to have found you, as well!❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. My heart is replete with ineffable felicity to find a fellow literary faerie! We should dance together in the Forest of Arden In midsummer night! ⭐️✨ I am elated to know you with my whole heart ❤️


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