marine haiku


The high stars

in the black sky

On a wide ocean

Light a scene

Of play on stage

In three acts ere

the curtains are

Drawn for a new.

Published by

Stephanie Suh

I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

5 thoughts on “marine haiku”

    1. Thank you, Verronica 🙂 I love the image of the vast ocean and the ship sailing into the galaxy of the unknown in the background of the transient reality. I want to describe the finiteness of earthly life in the landscape of the infiniteness of the universe. 🙂 Still, I wanted to portray it in a few words, which your artistic sensibilities have caught 🙂

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      1. Wow! 🙂 Thank you, Veronica! 🙂 the compliment coming from a great writer of all ages, such as you, uplifts my spirit. 🙂 Thank you for understanding and appreciating my works. 🙂

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