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The Haunted

The souls of the departed haunt the ground;
Wandering amid the waves and by the shore,
Flitting over the spires and on the graveyard,
Wailing in woes of eternal sorrow cast in a moor,
The revenants tell their litany of misery thru
The howling of the wind, the rustling of the foliage
in the mountain’s haze vanishing into the pale hue
of the sunset riding in the phantasmal carriage
of the revenants driven by the horses of the Hades
neighing with fires and furies galloping vigorously
toward the temple of Artemis from the edges
of the earth as the headless driver rushes fiendishly
to the coliseum of the souls for the spectral orison
for the eternal rest in peace denied by gods in unison.


I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

4 thoughts on “The Haunted

  1. I would love to visit this beautifully haunting ”coliseum of the souls”! The sombre ambiance of your poem has filled me with a yearning for the dark unknown… May Artemis bless your days with vivid verses & nights with divine dreams, dear Stephanie!♥️😌

    Returning to your works after embarking on my studious journey is akin to a breath of fresh oceanic air amidst the summer heat. 🐚✨🕊

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      1. I am very well, despite the constant exhaustion of online studying at the University of Toronto (hence why I take so awfully long to reply)! Getting used to the time difference was the hardest part – most of my lectures happen at night. Hopefully, I can leave Russia in time for the next semester… What about you, Stephanie? Are you enjoying the start of autumn? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s brilliant of you to study at the university of Toronto! Well, you are anyway a brilliant poet and writer, so there you go. ⭐️ With your talent, you will be successful. Well, I am now in a new apartment with mom and a kitten who has been squalling since yesterday because of hard stool. Btw, LA is still very much in the heat. Besides, there was a one-minute long earthquake last night. But I am still alive. 😁


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