4 thoughts on “The Haunted”

  1. I would love to visit this beautifully haunting ”coliseum of the souls”! The sombre ambiance of your poem has filled me with a yearning for the dark unknown… May Artemis bless your days with vivid verses & nights with divine dreams, dear Stephanie!♥️😌

    Returning to your works after embarking on my studious journey is akin to a breath of fresh oceanic air amidst the summer heat. 🐚✨🕊

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      1. I am very well, despite the constant exhaustion of online studying at the University of Toronto (hence why I take so awfully long to reply)! Getting used to the time difference was the hardest part – most of my lectures happen at night. Hopefully, I can leave Russia in time for the next semester… What about you, Stephanie? Are you enjoying the start of autumn? 😉

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      2. That’s brilliant of you to study at the university of Toronto! Well, you are anyway a brilliant poet and writer, so there you go. ⭐️ With your talent, you will be successful. Well, I am now in a new apartment with mom and a kitten who has been squalling since yesterday because of hard stool. Btw, LA is still very much in the heat. Besides, there was a one-minute long earthquake last night. But I am still alive. 😁


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