Fallen angel

An angel is no angel any more
When she begins to feel
As a blue wind is blowing
And knocking gently
At the door to her heart
With a sweet aeolian flute.

The sorrow then enters
With gossamer of longing
She feels but knows not
And the heart with the mist fills
Like the nascent rain descending.

The memories are betrayed,
She keeps her wings still;
Heaven is no home remembered,
The world is an abode to be lived,
Embracing hope for a new legend
When she wakes up from the dream
And shines brighter than ever.


For one hundred and twenty years
Trapped in the maze of this mirage,
Where I began, I can go back never;
Here I stand and face the bare fate
Or is it nothing but the illusion ever?

As Aurora releases the first dewdrop,
I go high over, down under
From one end of the horizon to the other
Across the five continents and six oceans
Above the heavens, below the abyss
Far into the milky ways and back to earth
with the jewel of hope in beatitude.

the castle east of the sun west of the moon

She sits under the shades of willow
Where she came from, no one cares
The castle East of the Sun West of the Moon.

Then the leaves of the tree whisper to her ears
“Ride on the wings of the Four Winds therefrom
The Castle East of the Sun West of the Moon.”

She speaks in the language of the wind, Aeolian
And calls for the Four Winds to carry her home
The Castle East of the Sun the West of the Moon.

First East wind comes, she rides on his wings anon,
West Wind, South Wind, and to North Wind reaching
The Castle East of the Sun West of the Moon.

Ere the Sun goes west and the Moon comes east
Or she will never get to her beloved home
The Castle East of the Sun West of the Moon.