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Some say hope is
A scandalous charmer
That is nothing but
Hubris, a dangerous
Illusion to hanker after
A desire that leaves
An innocent wisher
Consumed with thirst
For elusive dreams
beckoningly solicitous
In evansecent mirage.

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Mania from menos
the spirit or the mind
the elevation of the senses
the cultivation of imaginations
with 4 shades of madness:
Religious fervor in Dionysians
Poetic possession by the Muses
Erotic obsession by Aphrodite
Pythias’s inspiration from Apollo.
Thus is spoken.

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a story of a plain girl – one

It came again. The premonition that it won’t work and that she has to find out another job looms large in my daily life. She thought this time would be different. She believed this time was a tide in her affairs. But then the curse returned, and demons and ghosts appeared with Pan’s fanfare.

Daniel Kahneman, in Thinking Slow and Fast, voiced that the acquisition of skills took three elements: (1) a regular environment, (2) adequate time to practice, and (3) rapid constructive feedback. While the first element fits the requisite, the other ones do not relate to her situation now. The young associate whom she closely work with bypasses the other two elements only to show his disapproving acceptance of no more mistakes and rash disappointment in her performance of work. It has been over a month now since she started working, but my hopeful expectation to succeed in right her ship seems to be at stake because, once again, she is unlucky with partnerships with other people, especially at work. The associate is short of temper and not ashamed of displaying an ingratiating attitude toward the department manager. He knows that she is inexperienced in drafting legal letters and agreements, but the past mistakes conditioned him to regard me as a good-for nothing woman who fumbles and appears to be servile. Now she has lost her faith in the people she is working with. She should find and secure a better job before the probation period ends.

She deserves to work in a suitable environment where she is treated well, taught with patience and understanding, and appreciated for who she is.