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vertigo of words


Words inviting, the eyes accepted

the spirit willing, the heart exalted

the mind laboring, the brain revolted

against the lust of learning to be learned;

Woe was to her as her will yet essayed

Amid the vertigo of cogitation whirled

Like a never-ending merry-go-around

Swiveling her head in pandemonium.


flowers of pleasure



Enchanting, Intoxicating, Fascinating,

Enveloped in a trance of fragrance

As a sweet mirage of romance floating

Up to her lustrous eyes welled with pearls

Of liquid dreams, misty wishes in beads

Of bubbled evanescence that flashed upon

Her watery eyes sparkling like diamonds,

A sweet vision of Beauty descends upon 

Her lithe figure wrapped in lovely heaps

Of Roses, Bergamots, Jasmins, and Peaches

In Every Possible Variety of Pleasures. 


P.S.: This is a rather playful limerick that came upon my mind during bathing. The new set of bathing kits was filled with wonderfully lovely scents extracted from the aforesaid flora, which instantly uplifted my spirit. I felt like bathing in a fairy lake hidden in a magic forest or Aphrodite’s Beach in Cyprus with the glamorous spell cast on me that would be unbroken – forever. 

Wandering cloud


Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Like a wandering lonely cloud

Skybound, Softbound, Spellbound,

I walked down to the lonely street

In the silver shimmering daylight,

Lingering in the horizon beyond

Reflecting on the shining pond.


P.S. I took a walk at the park this beautiful afternoon and saw a pretty pond therein. It was sparkling with the reflection of sunlight, which made me wonder if this had been what Anne of Green Gables might have seen on the way to the Green Gables with Matthew from the train station and named it “Lake of Shimmering Waters”. 

spiritual soldiers


The Battle of Alexander at Issus, 1529 by Albrecht Altdorfer

The passion I find a rebel

From the cell of Reason

With loud dander of Babel

Raising an army of sedition

To rule the royalty of the soul

In its allegiance to Impulse alone.  


The Reason I turn wakeful

From the chamber of Temperance

With swift reveille at evenfall

Raising an army of dominance

To guard the palace of the soul

In its sovereignty over Instincts withal. 


P.S.: It’s a self-evidentiary poem about a battle of Passion and Reason, Id v. Superego, or Pleasure v. Morality, the neverending conflicts of the dichotomy of the body and the mind that has invoked myriads of imaginations culminating in intellectual treaties and artistic opuses throughout the history of civilizations. The equanimity of the mind results from successful governance of instincts, the raw emotions that Reason must tame to transform them into ideas and thoughts. This sounds easier said than done, but it’s true. Sometimes, doing a simple thing is the hardest thing to do.