In spite of everything

Today, whatever the Fates weave

Shall still be worn with beauty by me;

Today then don’t let you be told,

How many chapters of life are turned;

That you are old, and so I am indeed;

Nor think dreams are waned with tears,

And talk of the youth wasted with sighs.

Tomorrow will be always tomorrow

And nothing will change even sorrow. 

But reason brings truth of the truth

An everlasting and brilliant truth,

Which can, in spite of all smirks,

Open your eyes and and my ears

To the evening star twinkling bright 

With sweet soft winds fluting in twilight, 

Made of fire, spirit, and dew like you and me.

I still want to see the world

I still want to see the world
even if it has hurt my heart
even it’s full of the imperfect;
The Sky, the Sea under the Sun
The Moon, the Stars at Night
Blue, Green, sparkling, iridescent-
I still want to see the beauty
if given one more chance to see it
and not to lose it with a promise
to keep the beauty in my eyes,
even if the world still hurts me
even if it will always be imperfect.

Always on my mind

I am not a baby anymore
than you are a girl never;
The hours, minutes, seconds
we have traveled together
How could we have known
where we would be now
when I see you in my eyes
And me in your glass palace
reflecting the liquid dreams
forming the shapes of memories?
The shadows of melancholy
cast upon the liquid eyes
filled with emerald dreams
Will be cleared away soon
When your lucky star finds you
and the whole universe conspires
to rebel against the malice of gods.