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The Prince and the Queen

Their love was sterling silver,

never to be stained with rust.

It’s all made of faith and duty;

It’s all made of sighs and smiles;

It’s all made of fantasy and reality.

He would for the crown of the palace

keep his faith and troth till the end.

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The Art of Memory

The 3 gods preside over the Arts.

Pallas Athena sends out the rays

of visions into the memory temple;

Vulcan grasps the beams of light

and grows them into red hot fires;

Mars receives the divine artifices

and perfects them into treasures.

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We can’t be here

While going nowhere

Chasing a mirage

In a concrete oasis.

Walking on a thin ice

With the misty eyes

Ire roars, passion heats

Miracles are imageries

Angels are too high above

We don’t want to be here.