Chords for my daily guitar practice.

LcKdEKBMiI’ve got an electro-acoutstic guitar that I bought from my colleague at work, a guitarist in a band, 2 months ago. Since then I have been practicing the guitar whenever I have free time in hope of playing the songs I love without mistakes by changing the chords swiftly in keeping up with the rhythms.

I have read books on guitar lessons for beginners on Kindle. My impressions on these lessons are threefold; (1) memorizing the fretboards is a must; (2) practicing chord changes on a daily basis; and (3) consistency and perseverance as the keys to becoming a good guitarist.

For me number 1 can be done a little later, and number 3 is what I believe and adhere to. However, the issue is number 2. Yes, changing the chords promptly without hesitation seems a bit challenging to achieve at the moment. According to Dan Thorpe in his Lightning Fast Guitar Chord Changes, there are some methods that can help me develop hand dexterity and muscle memory.


Of all the recommendations, my selected are: (1) pivot method, placing a finger on a lowest string first before changing a chords; (2) diamond method, strumming a chord four times and then changing into another chord to play another 4 times; and (3) blast method, without strumming the chords just placing the left fingers on the assigned fretboards until the fingers by means of muscle memory move to press the correct chords seamlessly. I have practiced my chord drills according to the aforesaid methods, and they are indeed helpful. I know I can get there anytime soon.

The chords I use for drill practice are as follows:









Simple as they seem, these are great chords to practice and effective to develop muscle memory. Surely, memorizing the fretboards is a must and will benefit me from reading the notes and playing the guitar flawlessly, but at the moment what I should master is a rapid chord changing.

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