spirited away


Where the sky endless and boundless

Touched the curves of hills and vales

Adorned with pristine wildflowers;

My eyes gazed at the wonder in silence

And my heart filled with longings

for the bounties of beauty in bliss.


The restive soul, the ever doleful

In want of the joy of beauty wishful

Of the realization of desire fanciful

Coveted the beauty of nature graceful

In the eye of the beholder hopeful

Of sprinkles of the magic wonderful


Suddenly, I was a wandering lonely cloud ever

Floating on high over the canyon in the ether

And the top of the misty mountain yonder;

Then as a great lone eagle, I was flying near

The shrill west sun as a sovereign ruler

Of the serene beauty of magnificent nature. 


I wanted no more, and nothing more- evermore.


P.S.: Sitting on the top of the loop overlooking the creation down under, I felt like flying in the azure firmament freely without a shred of worries and anxieties binding me in the drab and dreary reality of the world below. That was my secret nature’s elbow room where I could willingly waste my time without a qualm about not doing anything but being transfixed to the beauty of nature for an indefinite time. 

Published by

Stephanie Suh

I write stuff of my interest that does not interest anyone in my blog. No grammarians, no copy editors, no marketers, no cynics are welcome.

4 thoughts on “spirited away”

  1. Your poem captures an escapist paradise in all its glory, Stephanie! ❤️

    Every word is encompassed by freedom and light. The allusion to Wordsworth’s masterpiece is excellent – I’ve always loved his poem about daffodils, and even translated it into Russian for my project about the Lake Poets…

    In your eloquent verses, I’ve also felt romantic undertones of Blake, Shelley, and Poe, whose influence was beautifully magnified by your brilliant mind. Bravo!✨👏

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    1. I am always amazed by your precise perception of my verses in terms of what I intend to write about with what emotions and thoughts I want to save from suppression. Your reference of my verses to Poe, Blake, and Shelley is a higly elevated appreciation of my sense and taste in literary dilettantism. That said, I always consider myself as someone from the days of yonder, preferably 19th Century Europe, pitchforked into this contemporary world where I feel incongruent and awkward in every sphere of reality. And you have found it out. 🙂 I think you also belong to the Romantic Era, Veronica.

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      1. Your words made me believe in soulmates, Stephanie! Maybe, our perceptions of the world are profoundly similar, and that’s why your creative writing resonates with me so deeply? Doubtlessly, you are not a dilettante in any way. Both your literary taste and style are exceptionally refined!

        I often feel as if I’m living in the wrong era – and this is the sweetest compliment I have ever received! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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