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to the departing

For all my life, I have not seen the world

As others see – I have not felt the love

As others feel – I have kept away from it

All wonderful, beautiful, blissful ever!

Now the eyes that have seen and witnessed

The vagaries of the world in their league

Begin to wane in clouds of shattered dreams

That were clinging to the myopic windowsills

And prepare to let them go with the memories

Of images that they have cherished for rarity.

The lights of the windows to the world flicker

In the red wind growing strong and stronger;

And the keeper of the castle weeps in darkness.

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queen of heart

The heart is a jeweled constellation

Made of fire and dew – all aglow

Of garnet and crystal in reflection

On the windows of the misted eyes.

The soul is a maid in the mind’s temple

Who keeps the heart’s stars in space

From the shrieks of violence that tremble

The stars and fall them into pieces.

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The congress of professed faithfuls gather

Under a great kiosk of memorial Agnes Dei

Wearing their best masks misfitted altogether

Sitting on the paws as pious sinners to pray

Reciting verses that become meaningless

Abracadabra that no pagans would know!

The Feast of Life resurrected in Pascal Mysteries

Is the feast of absurdities in deceived fallacies,

And the heart among the entranced worshippers

Pounds in great beats of passion and faints in weeps.

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The Prince and the Queen

Their love was sterling silver,

never to be stained with rust.

It’s all made of faith and duty;

It’s all made of sighs and smiles;

It’s all made of fantasy and reality.

He would for the crown of the palace

keep his faith and troth till the end.

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The journey into the night is long

And the heart of a traveler’s beating

When the sound of pen flute fills

The wide-open field with thrills

Of the entranced temptation

That nymphs and shepherds fall

And lose their hours in pleasure